1978-05-26, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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Bill Lane wrote: This show was my first concert ever. I was 16 and went with my sister and my now brother in law. I had NO idea what to expect. Most of the show is a bit blurry due now to the passage of time, but it is 31 years later and I am still going to see Bruce whenver I can. I do remember that Columbia Records was on strike, so Darkness album was not available for another few weeks after the show, and the "new" songs were not embraced at that time. We were about as far away from the stage as possible and still be in the Spectrum. I also remember that in the middle of Rosilita, all the lights went black and 15 seconds later Bruce emerged on a second level walkway to continue the song.

I wish I could remember more details of the show. I guess it was a life changing experience. I am going to see the Seeger Sessions tour tomorrow night in Columbus Ohio, so the legecy continues!

Bill Lane


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