1978-06-03, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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Oz wrote: My first Bruce show also. Was 18 years old and not a fan although I had Born To Run on 8-track and used to play "Thunder Road" in my car ('77 Camaro) over and over again...Mt friend Tommy (a huge Bruce fan) had an extra ticket for the show and asked me if I wanted to go. When he told me it was $18 I said "too much"! We settled on $10 and my life was never to be the same again...

From the opening chords of "Badlands" to the strange picture painted by "For You" and finally the anthem for this Jersey teen hanging out on the Jersey shore - "Sandy"...

The tought of the show still brings back the summer nights down the shore, on the boardwalk and cruising to Seaside...

3 years later I was at the opening night of the Brendan Byrne arena, of course Bruce opening with "Born To Run" and this time, instead of Tommy, with a beautiful girl (who I'm still with!)...

Wherever you are Tommy - Thank You!

Rob Hollander wrote: My first Bruce show. I can remember getting down to the wire not knowing if i was going to be able to get tickets or not. I was sitting at my desk at home with koss headphones on blasting Thunder Road as my dependence on going to this concert grew to, what seemed like at the time, life or death. I finally got tickets from some 'friends'. The ticket i got was for one seat by myself in the first row of the third teir just to the left of Bruce. I sat there with my binoculars transfixed as he came out on stage in a suit. That was the look then. I can remember hearing the harmonies (so bruce-like) and not knowing who was doing them. At first i thought it was Roy because he was singing along but then i spotted Steven and knew who the dead ringer was. Badlands exploded leading into Night and then the memorable Spirit in the Night as Bruce jumped in the crowd. I can remember not liking Adam Raised a Cain until i saw Bruce do it live with the whole band raising their fists into the air after each 'adam raised a cain.' Mona into She's the One, while not as amazing as Not Fade Away would be when i heard that later, was truly inspired. I can remember wanting to hear what "The Promise" was all about as Bruce took the stage solo to play piano but it was just too hard to hear over the crowd. And then he tore the house down with Born to Run, Tenth Avenue, Sandy and Quarter to Three. This was definitely a defining moment in my life and a night i'll never forget.


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