1971-03-27, Sunshine In Concert Hall, Asbury Park, NJ

Bruce Springsteen & the Friendly Enemies
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Bruce is part of a multiple lineup. He is billed as Bruce Springsteen & the Friendly Enemies, a band featuring Steve Van Zandt and Vini Lopez.

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Albee Tellone wrote: Shortly after Steel Mill was disbanded, there was pressure from local promoter Bob Fisher - who ran the Sunshine In - to hire Bruce's new band for an upcoming Allman Brothers show. The BSB was rehearsing but not ready to go public. There was no way that Steve was gonna let that slip away, being such a huge Allman Brothers fan. Plus we all needed the money so we came up with this through the efforts of Tinker, Bruce and Steve.
Instead of calling it "Bruce Springsteen and Friends", we all thought it would be very funny to call us the "Friendly Enemies" probably because we were all members of different bands in Asbury Park.

We were billed as "Friendly Enemies" before Tinker and Bruce came up with the name "Dr Zoom and the Sonic Boom" The musicians in the band were a combination of 3 bands that some of us were a part of and with overlapping members. BSB - Bruce, Vini and Steve, Garry, David Sancious and Bobby Feigenbaum(sax). (Danny Federici was never in it.) Funky Dusty and the Soul Broom - Steve, Southside, Garry and Bobby Williams. My band, Albee and the Hired Hands - Me, Steve(lead guitar), Southside (bass), Bobby Williams, and keyboardist John Waasdorp. John was the "other" keyboard player (not Federici) along with David Sancious . At the time Steve and Southside were heavily into Allman Bros. and wanted to have 2 drummers and 2 lead guitars. Bruce said "let's take it even further and have 2 keyboards and 2 saxes (that's how I got hired, sax was what I played in high school marching band). Garry said there was NO WAY that he would put up with 2 basses, although we had thought of adding John Luraschi on second bass. This was the first time Garry brought along his Tuba which Bruce later utilized with the E Street Band. Of course there was no way to have 2 Southside Johnnys. He's one of a kind so we didn't go there. Also, Tinker played conga drums on some of the tunes. I think the coolest thing was having the 2 most intense drummers playing together. You can't imagine what it was like having Maddog Lopez AND Big Bad Bobby Williams playing simultaneously ! It was like an earthquake was occurring.

We rocked as hard as we could. Steve was playing slide as good as Duane and Bruce was in top form at this time. This was the first time that Southside Johnny got featured with a band in a concert setting. He had never performed under that name before this night.

We thought it would also be funny for us to have a "live" game of MONOPOLY played onstage during the set ! This was an inside joke. At least once or twice a week we would have a game of MONOPOLY at my apartment on a huge round dining room table. It also served well for poker games too. Not everyone got the joke. Big Danny and Big Tiny actually used the dice to play a game of "craps" and only pretended to play MONOPOLY. Although we actually set the game up on a folding table. There is a photo of Bruce sitting at that table singing at some point in the show with Southside's glasses on. On the table is a bottle of Boone's Farm Apple wine. We consumed large quantities of that beverage before, during and after the show.

When it was over, it was like a tornado had hit the place. The crowd was sweating profusely. The road manager for the Allman Bros. came up to Tinker's assistant Jim Fainer and said, "how the fuck are we supposed to follow THAT circus ?!" But they did and very well I might add. Greg Allman said to me,"hey man, that's some COOKIN' band you got there". They enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed them.

This was in reality Dr Zoom and the Sonic Boom. Frienly Enemies was just a temporary name.

Dr Zoom and the Sonic Boom - Band Members:
Bruce Springsteen - lead guitar and lead vocal (and songwriter)
Steve Van Zandt - slide guitar and backup vocal
Southside Johnny - harmonica and backup vocal
Albany Al Tellone - saxophone, vocal and cowbell
Bobby Feigenbaum - saxophone
Garry Tallent - Bass guitar and Tuba
David Sancious - organ and piano
John "Hotkeys" Waasdorp - electric piano
Vini "Maddog Lopez" - drums and vocal
Big Bad Bobby Williams - drums
Tinker - congas and sound man
Jim Fainer - sound reinforcement
Big Danny and Big Tiny - MONOPOLY
Connie the Twirler
ZOOM CHORUS(aka Sonic People):
Robin Nash
Fifi Longo
Jeannie Clark
Kevin Connair
Kevin Kavanaugh
John Luraschi

It was truly a night to remember...


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