1978-06-17, Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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bbender wrote: Most amazing show I'd ever seen. Sadly, I have no setlist, but when Quarter to Three was played, with the lights up, I was stunned to see that the upper tier of the Auditorium (next door to the Opera House -- this hall was a small basketball arena) was only a few rows full. But everybody was up on their feet.

Brian Gilbert wrote: I have a review of the 6/17/78 concert from the St Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper. You are incorrect in saying this was held at Kiel Opera House. It was actually at Kiel Auditorium. Both venues were under a common roof but the Auditorium held 10,000 while the Opera House held 3500. This was the only time Bruce played the Auditorium. He played the Opera House 3 times (11/25/78, 10/17/80, and 10/18/80). 7/17/78 was my first (of 77) Bruce concert. The setlist was very similar to the shows preceding and following.

Greasy Lake wrote: Thank you, Brian. We have updated the venue.


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