1978-06-25, Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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Larry Lindahl wrote: I was 19. "Lights out tonight..." ripped the walls apart as he rocketed us into "Badlands." Later he slowed it down playing "Racing In The Streets" on the piano, stripped to its core, Bruce on the keys, sad and hopeful at the same time. "Thunder Road" he fell backwards, trusting his fans, surfed on their upheld arms, filling the theater with his full throttle voice, not missing a note. Running across the stage, knee-sliding up to the Big Man, they smashed racial barriers, with a mouth to mouth kiss, shocking and bold. Bruce threw everything he had into the show leading up to "Born to Run," then the crowd roared, he rocked the house down, we sang out the words we knew so well, the roof lifted off, we yelled for more, they played their encore with even more energy, the lights on the crowd, and that concert transformed into a spiritual gathering, the wild and innocent celebrating their lyrical spokesman. Saw him play over the years in LA, Phoenix, and a small Arizona town called Prescott, but that's another story.


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