1978-07-19, Ellis Auditorium, Memphis, TN

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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tom herrod wrote: a friend and i had front row tickets for this one....several times bruce was just a few feet away singin and playing with truly amazing intensity....i have never before or since heard such blazing guitar or emotional vocals..the e streeters were, it was clear to me, the reason music had been invented...on the guitar again, truly, you had to be there.......a great bruce moment was when a fan got a bit overexcited and got up on the stage, he clearly was just happy and meant no harm, but a security hulk slammed him pretty hard...bruce came up to the front of the stage when he saw this and stopped the guard, and let the fan exit with dignity after a pat on the back, then went back to the electric performance he had been doing....never heard more heartfelt or soulful vocals.......tom herrod


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