1978-08-05, Louisville Gardens, Louisville, KY

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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Lynne wrote: Craig, by the looks of your photos...we may have met!! I remember going to this show, my second Bruce concert. Wendy and I were living in Toledo and we drove down earlier in the afternoon to see if we could meet anyone before the show. Actually ended up staying in the same hotel as the band and crew. Got backstage for the first time...wow, those days were different!

Craig O'Bryan wrote: This Louisville show was part of the tour's swing through the South in the summer of 1978 (which Springsteen later referred to in a Rolling Stone interview about how hard they played in places they hadn't normally gone). Louisville Gardens was a small downtown arena and the crowd was around 4,000. The combination of a small venue and a band hitting its stride created a hurricane. I remember thinking "I am seeing the Elvis of my generation!"

This was my first Springsteen concert, and the only one where I saw him jump into the audience and climb the steps to the top the arena while performing.

It was a special concert for me, to see Springsteen before he hit megastar status and because Darkness On The Edge Of Town has always been my favorite record.


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