1978-08-12, Civic Center, Augusta, ME

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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Dan Alexander wrote: An amazing show. I went with about 12 of my closest friends (we attended the 1977 Lewiston show as well). I can't recall much about the songs, except that I remember that Gary turned to me during the Prove it All Night solo with a huge smile and compared it to Gimme Shelter and other great guitar songs. Another friend, Peter, was dancing on his chair doing some strange movements which I swear Bruce parrotted back. We were all worried about Harry since he was drinking way too much whisky before the show. But we were wrong to worry: Last I saw of him that night he was sitting with a beuatific smile slouched against a wall, unable to get up, but as happy as a human can be.

As good as he was the year before, he was much, much better this time. It was clear he'd turned into a preminent arena act.

Alan Dean wrote: We were sitting about 3 rows behind the Legend of the North Country, Bill Chinnock and his band, also vets of the Asbury Park scene. Bill had just released an album call "Badlands" and Bruce name-checked him before starting HIS version of "Badlands"..or at least that's what I remember. Rumor in our neck of the woods was that the "Darkness" album was originally going to be called "Badlands" but got pre-empted by Chinnock's release. Any truth to this rumor?

Oh yeah, this was the single best show that I've ever seen, and now 33 yrs later, I've seen quite a few. Incredible night, we stood on our seats for the entire show. Sure do wish I could find a reliable setlist!

Eric J. Perry wrote: I was 15 years old, knew about Springsteen but hadn't really started listening to his music yet. My older cousins had bought a bunch of tickets and someone couldn't go. So on the afternoon of August 12th I asked & got permission to go and see the best live performer to ever stand on a stage. I don't remember details (ahem) but what most impressed me was his unbelievable energy on stage, how he captured the entire audience. The other thing I remember just as clearly was the power of the E Street Band. They sounded so tight and high, high end professional that it was mesmerizing. I couldn't quote the play list if my life depended on it but I'll do a little research and see what I can find.


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