1978-08-22, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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Greg G wrote: I remember this show like yesterday - there was a newspaper strike in NYC that summer and as kind of a joke Bruce came out and yelled - Have Ya Heard the News - and then launched into Good Rockin Tonight. At the time I was a casual Bruce fan - this was my first show and I only went because my buddy Pat gave someone else our tickets for Jackson Browne at GSAC as an exchange - and thank GOD he did. This night literally changed my life. I finally got it - all of it - take a knife and cut this pain from my heart - tonight Ill be on that hill - cause I cant stop - show a little faith there's magic in the night - Mona - Gloria- She's the one, the transcendent intro to Prove It All Night - the frenzy of Rosie - the power of Because the Night - I have the ticket stub at home in a book next to the other 100 shows I've been to since then - I was at Nassau on New Years 80, opening night and closing night of the BByrene Arena shows - closing night at the garden for Blood Brothers tour just to name a few - all were awesome - none were better then 8-22-78

ATF wrote: Same here...you always remember your first time. I went rather grudgingly with a friend, who bought our tickets from a mail-in coupon in the NYT Sun. Arts and Leisure section about two weeks after the ad ran (And we got 7th row seats, C's side of the stage - two years later I'd be sleeping on sidewalks trying to get 'River' tickets. Things were a bit different back then.) Quite simply, I'd never seen anything like what played out on stage that night, which was 75 Springsteen shows ago for me, including 6 on the most recent 'Magic' tour. Haven't missed an outing since 'Darkness', including the No Nukes and Amnesty gigs, fake band tours, solo tours, VFC, and the SSB project. If it's Bruce, I'll be there, and it all traces back to that one Garden night. They've all been great, but 'Darkness' was different. And I'll never, ever forget that night.

Len wrote: my first show as well...I remember being excited to see him for the first time....but no idea what was to come...life changing that still exists today...I also remember coming home and writing my girl friend of the time and saying I saw bruce for the 1st time and he was amazing...unbelievable....a god...and she said " bruce who "

I married this woman despite that...ending up divorcing her 13 years later...but the story has a happy ending...I had a son who I have turned in to bruce fanatic....and now goes to all his shows with me...including 3 on the last magic tour.....

I am listening now to a show on xm from that tour which is bring it all back to me..so I thought I would lend my comments to the others...


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