1978-09-06, Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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kid from the bronx wrote: My first live show. There is almost nothing you can say to possibly describe this night. The entire theater was one beating heart, one singing voice; every word, every note, every moment in unison. Everyone standing up on their chairs or arms of their chairs,jumping, swaying, pure energy. The balcony seemd like it was going to collapse, it moved up and down so much! Luckily it didn't. I wanna say how great the songs were, but truthfully, I have only the vaguest recollection of what Bruce did without looking at the set list. On this '78 tour, (by far the best ever in my opinion) however, the song selection (which featured most of Darkness & Born to Run) and energy was also the best ever, by far. But on nights like this, I'm not sure even the set list mattered. Bruce could have been singing Hava Negila (which he has covered, by the way) and the place still would have exploded.


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