1978-09-09, Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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terry wrote: I was 17. My first Bruce concert. Enough said.

Janet Graham wrote: This was my first Bruce concert and I only went because I was dating a guy at Notre Dame and he and his Jersey friends dragged me to it. It was the start of a lifelong romance -- with Bruce, not with the guy, although we dated on and off for years. The "Twist and Shout" number was amazing. They literally had all the lights on in the arena and were taking down the equipment when Bruce and the band came back out and played. Unforgettable and I've been to a lot of Bruce concerts since then.

Kevin Quinlan wrote: This was my 1st Springsteen concert, during the first month of my ND experience, and I've been hooked ever since (I've lost track of all the shows I've gone to)! I'll never forget Bruce "passing out" on the stage and being taken off on a stretcher by paramedics as the house lights came up....I'm glad I hung around long enough to see Bruce bound back on stage a little later to rock out with "Twist & Shout" to the fans left in the ACC. A night I will never forget!

Dennis Mackowiak wrote: This concert was best remebered for Bruce's remark that "this is the only place in the known universe that we play this song" as an intro to Double Shot Of My Baby's Love. I also recall him calling it a "garage rock" song as was Louie Louie. At that point the crowd demanded Bruce play Louie Louie to which he responded "Don't tempt me." He then huddled with the band and they indeed banged out an off the cuff version of Louie Louie.

I also recall the show ended but a few of us die hards hung around to see Bruce come back out half an hour later, many in the band wet from showers, plug back in to a stage set up that had been disassembled and Bruce saying something like "If you won't go home we'll do one more" at which point he played Twist and Shout.

Great show for an 18 year old fan! I still remember it 27 years later.

Dale Hamblin wrote: for some reason I thought they came back after we had walked and clapped our way around the convocation center to hear them play 10th ave. freezeout, if it was Twist and shout one of my favorites my memory is going!


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