1978-09-25, Boston Gardens, Boston, MA

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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mike wrote: agree best show ever bruce converts from med size halls to arena rock the previous music hall shows bruce wears a 3 piece suit he seemed nervous here he is in jeans and a tank top
clarence motions to the crowd that the show is over when an exhausted bruce is carried away in a strecher. he then gets up with guitar in hand and comes back to life!!!

Pat wrote: I cant disagree with what is written above, seen many rock shows in the old Garden, this one stands out amoung the best and probably the best concert I have ever seen. You can add "Promised Land, Something in The Night" and Spirit in The Night" to the setlist along with "Thunder Road" as they stand out in my mind. I recall the sound was verrrry loud !, real LOUD !, I recall reading that Bruce was worried aboud his sound not comming through in the funky Garden, so they cranked it up. My ears were ringing for days. But the one moment from the show that really blew me away was the last song - Bruce payed a Beatles song with the house lights up, everyone thought he was done after "Quarter to Three" but they came out for one more, I'm pretty sure it was "Twist and Shout" Truley Bruce at his best!

wayne wrote: many fellow bostonians consider this
show to be the most intense boston
area performance by bruce and the
band. this show can be discribed as
both super hot & loose. bruce was
just on fire, jumping around and off
of speaker columns w/ reckless abandon. amazing renditions of "prove it", " because t.n" & "candys room", bruce slashing guitar strings off "the guitar" w/ a
smile on his face the whole time. this show just blew away the shows
from a few months before at the music hall. this show was better than
the 77 shows, 84 worcester shows,
the 99 shows @ fleet and even fenway although the second show at fenway comes close. also this show has to be noted for the early rendition of "santa claus" & a hot cover of "good rocking tonight". just bruce & the boys at their most intense. too bad a boot of this show seems not exist.

it one was one for the ages.


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