1978-11-01, Princeton University, Jadwin Gym, Princeton, NJ

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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chris walton wrote: my 2nd bruce show -11 yrs. young 1st was 1st capitol theater show 1 month before---bt this time iknew all the river songs, (independence day, the river,, because my brother taped it with cassette off wnew fm. sat near vin scelsa at capital-- this time sat next wmmr philly legend who just died last year and he heard some lttle kid singing new unreleased songs and was so shocked. why cant i think of his name right now, im a loser getting old (40). anway, at jadwin gym ill never forget they were playing steely dan real loud on tape real loud before the show. if you were there, you remembered. iwas 12 years old, and i remember that more than what i did last week!!!! i remember the smell of pot & jack daniels, and the greatest music i had ever heard then and now, 29 yrs. later

Joe Studholme wrote: My first concert (of any type)

I was a sheltered Princeton freshman, not really into music or anything beyond my book..but on a hunch. ... I skipped a badly needed math 201 midterm review session (thus dooming my Princeton academic career) to stand in line for 2 tickets, I brought my 14 year old brother Hal, and sat in the north stands of Jadwin Gym on November 1....

I was utterly blown away, and the experience changed me forever.

Amidst the madness, I recall that the Jadwin gym floor was oscillating wildly - from our seats in the north stands it looked like the folks on the floor were standing on the surface of the ocean, rocked by waves.

It was a long time ago. Bruce's kids go to my old school now. But from a distance of 30 years, all I can say is thanks, Boss -from another soul saved by rock and roll.


Larry from Brooklyn wrote: I was a junior at University of Penn and had an exam that night. I told my snooty teacher (a snob from Bryn Mar) that i had a conflict that night - told her some story about having to be downtown. got in my car and drove to Princeton without a ticket(got lost on the way)....i luckily bought a ticket outside for 5 bucks. the scene was wild....folding chairs lining the gym floor. the night was a blur - but a remember by the second song (an intense Streets of Fire that followed opener Badlands)...all the chairs were throw in a pile and everyone was dancing on the gym floor...Wild..
I took the makeup exam a week later and had told my teacher i had gone to a Springsteen concert. I failed the exam and on the bottom of my paper, that snooty teacher wrote..."hope the concert was worth it..."
of course....it was many times over....

Bob Minton wrote: I have seen springsteen 50 times from 1975 to 2005 and this the best show and set of songs I ever seen.

Rob Setteducato wrote: This was my 1st Springsteen show. I have been to about 500 more since then. I guess you can say it left a mark on me!! It was the greatest concert I ever saw.. We had nose bleed seats but worked our way down to the 1st row.. I'll never forget Jungleland,it was amazing!!

Vike wrote: This was my first ever Bruce show and Danny had given my father tickets and backstage passes in exchange for clearing a liquor store tab. I have gone doggedly on until the present, show after show and this was far from the best at the time - it seemed to go on and on. But now I'm crying inside simply because this was THE tour and I just didn't value the true intensity of what I was hearing. What a damn shame. Wish I had a disc of it.

Donnie Cheech wrote: I first discovered Bruce when his band was Steel Mill and they were the opening act for an emerging Supergroup, Grand Funk Railroad at the Ocean Ice Palace, in Brick Township. Steel actually stole the show, but GFR was red hot and played to a sold out Madison Square Garden two months later. Bruce evolved at the local level after that and the rest is history. The Jadwin floor destruction was my favorite of his shows and front row seats were only $9.00 or so. I'll never forget the encore when the sweat drenched Bruce collapsed into the arms of his staff as they carried him down the steps to the backstage area and had an oxygen tank mask fixed to his face to revive him.


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