1978-11-08, The Forum, Montreal, Canada

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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Robert Monti wrote: Yes I was there. I skipped a night class to go to the show. I knew very little about Bruce at the time. I had a buddy who was into Bruce and I borrowed some of his records and listened to them a week before the show.

I really had no idea what to expect from Bruce. Well let me tell you he literally knocked me and all my buddies out. He was simply amaazing from the get go right until the very end.Just one big bundle of energy unleashed. It was just an amazing show from start to finish even if I didn't know half of the tunes.

I have seen all the biggies in the music biz(excluding the Stones) and subsequently have see Bruce numerous times but this show ranks in my top 5 shows of all time.

I will never forget it. It is what a concert performance is all about.

Dave4858 wrote: My second Bruce concert, almost 3 years after my first. We drove all the way from SUNY-Oswego in upstate New York and it was worth every mile. The show was simply fantastic, part of the legendary Darkness tour. Even though I sat way up in the rafters of the Forum, and was surrounded by French-speaking strangers, I had the time of my life. An epic show.

Ed Arzouian wrote: I’m glad I found this website.

I was there for the show. My two room-mates and I slept outside the old Montreal Forum on Ste-Catherine Street overnight to be among the first in line to buy tickets. Remember at that time, you had very few options when it came to how you bought your tickets. We were allowed six each. We kept the best for ourselves. I had a seat on the floor, there really was no orchestra seating for that show. I was in the first seat of row “M” on the right hand side of the center aisle leading down from the stage.

As I remember it, on the very first note of the first song, with the crowd already going crazy, Bruce jumped off the stage, much to the astonishment of the security guys as well as the fans, and travelled down the center aisle to stop at and get up on the first seat on row “L”. The Forum just exploded with screams and cheers. I was standing on my seat in row “M”. So there was Bruce, his guitar and me within about 24 to 36 inches of each otehr! My buddy was on the seat beside me and we could not believe it. All the spotlights were focused right on us and Bruce was belting out the song in our faces. The crowd rushed in from every direction, security tried as best they could to keep everybody back.


Given that it would be impossible to ever experience a Springsteen show like that again, it is the only one I have ever seen live.

All these many years later (22 and a half) I could no longer remember what the first song was that he played that night but this website says it was Badlands. Strange, I don’t remember it that way but I guess it must be.

One thing I would love to see is a photo of Springsteen on that seat in front of me, and if anybody out there has this please let me know and I’ll buy it or copy,

Evan wrote: Yes - I was there. Floor seating in the (old) Forum. My first BS show, and the best. Bruce was fantastically energetic, climbing amps, leaping into the crowd, crowd surfing, 3hrs+ they practically had to carry him out. Epic


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