1978-11-12, Rensselaer Polytechnic University, Troy, NY

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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SM wrote: I was a freshman at RPI when one of the frats we were considering pledging came around and gave us tickets for free.
We all looked at each other (9 of us were somewhat together) as Streets of Fire began and we all realized we were seeing something truly awesome. If I remember (ha ha) the show was over 3 hours and by the end EVERYONE was a Springsteen fan.
Much of the Winterland Show from SanFrancisco in December 1978 is very similar to the RPI show.

Rocco from Boston wrote: Just have to acknowledge my first ever Bruce show. My college soccer team, Salem State College, Salem Mass was captained by huge Bruce fans. I liked Bruce, alot but didn't get 'it' yet. They all went to see Bruce in Septemeber in Springfield Mass and again a week later at the old Boston Garden, thats when I got the fever, listening to the passion of how they enjoyed the shows led me to the RPI show. I went with my then best friend, who attended Union College, he and I and 11 of his frat brothers went. We were high in the rafters, sound was not good, but the performance....transforming. Transformed my appreciatation of what it meant to be passionate about anything. Watching him go through his set list and being amazed. Years later, knowing how easily he could have mailed it in and remembering the power and energy only heightens my regard and admiration for Bruce and the E Street Band. They delivered as if it were the last show they ever performed.

jv from Albany wrote: I was hanging around my RPI dorm 309 Davison Hall in Nov 1978 when someone knocked on the door. It was a stranger asking me if I wanted two tickets to the Nov 12 '78 Troy Springsteen show at a price below face value. He found out he had a conflict, couldn't attend and was anxious to sell. I bought the pair. Every friend I called already had tickets, so I started calling acquaintances. A fraternity brother was thrilled at the suggestion and agreed to join me. We sat in chairs on the concert floor somewhere around center ice. Terrific seats and show. I remember three encores and my ears ringing for days afterward.

David wrote: I was on the editorial board of the RPI school paper in 78... Mike Miller, the editor in chief, was a HUGE Springsteen fan and dragged us all to the concert. I didn't have a ticket but stood on the stage with my press pass. You didn't really hear it as much as feel the compressed air from the huge banks of amplifiers. It was a Sunday so after the concert we had to go back and put the paper together for the next week. Nobody could hear each other because our ears were ringing, which lasted a few days. Still one of the best concerts I ever went to. The Dead and ELP also played there that year (for ELP, it was shortly after they dropped the orchestra they were touring with). We were also going to have Lynrd Skynyrd, but that was scheduled to for 2 days after their plane crash...


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