1978-11-20, University Of Illinois, Champaign, IL

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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Julie wrote: My first Bruce show and not the last. Made a great impression on me that I will never forget. The magic of the night, the energy, the jumping out into the audience, the intensity and most of all the music. Can never forget Detroit Medley from that night. Simply MAGIC.

Todd Kingery wrote: They only sold 5000 tickets at Assembly Hall for this show... 2 yrs later they sold out 19,000 in record time for The River tour... We had great seats thru the student lottery system... 6 rows from stage... Incredible 4 hr show. One of my buddys got to help hold bruce when he came into the crowd... Was my (all of us) 1st bruce show... We were all such "believers" (in the promised land, of course) ... and now he was here! Especially remember Fire n Because the Night...we knew em, but had only heard em on the bootlegs... wow... look at the set list, what a show!

Steve Bender wrote: This was my first Bruce show. I was a sophomore in college and went with some friends who lived in my dorm. I didn't really know what to expect but figured it would be a good show. Well...I was totally blown away. I'm writing this many years later, but my memories of the show are still with me. The intensity. The power. The lightshow. Bruce jumping into the audience during Spirit in the Night. At the end of the show, as the Detroit Medley kept going on and on and on, I was just amazed and thrilled....and I've been a huge Brooooce fan ever since.


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