1978-11-21, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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Cliff Pintak wrote: My first Bruce show ever was an epic evening that made the campus feel like a community for days - a feeling it never again held during my four years there. The timeless set list from that tour was a feast of energy that made everything old new again. Over twenty-five years later I remember the excitement if not the details with a clarity of few other days in my life. For one night, Bruce made Northwestern feel like the only place being on earth.

Guy Bonneville wrote: It was a big event, especially being my 1st year at NU. The brothers of the Pike house (fraternity) to which I belonged were all Springsteen fans. Our entire frat stood at the front of the ticket line days before the show. It was bitterly cold but we had front row center. Absolutely an energy packed concert that will be remembered forever.


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