1978-12-20, Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA

Darkness on the Edge of Town Tour
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Mark D. Graham wrote: I was in the Army at this time nearing the end of my self inflicted 'sentence' and I had heard up until this point a few Bruce songs. My Army buddy, Dave Cerkies was planning to go to the show when unexpectedly his Father died. He gave me the tickets which I believe went for $8.50 then. I took this really cute girl Julie who was also in the Army.

We sat way up in the back of the arena. Actually it wasn't long before there was no sitting. I didn't know most of the songs but I can tell you I had never experience such an incredible party. I suppose those days were very different. Bruce seemed to be playing all over the arena. I was dancing with everybody. Finally when I thought the show was over I had to pee and sure enough Bruce and the Band came back out for another song. A good portion of the crowd had left, so Julie and I worked our way down to the floor where the party continued. Julie was up on my shoulders watching the show while I danced below her. Amazing! I was hooked and of course I go to all the shows I'm able to get in and have bought all the music including bootlegs of the show. I forget to mention, I listened to the one of the Winterland shows on the radio the week before. I was amazed then. I lost touch with Dave Cerkies while in the Army. I also never dating Julie again. My six year old son, Hunter loves the "Train Song" (Land of Hope and Dreams). I hope this helps!

Leonard Smith wrote: As Mark Graham says, many people left BEFORE the band came back on to the stage. Sadly, I was one of them. I have since read about what I missed on a number of occasions (ie the Charles Cross article) but it was freezing outside and the buses gave notification that they were leaving at 12.30 sharp. I simply had to go- but one thing has always pissed me off about this issue. The band definitely did NOT come back out on stage until at least 10 minutes had elapsed. I know because I waited and the House lights were on for about 5 mins before we left (at about 12.20) Some people have written that it only took 5 minutes or so -No way !!!
What do I remember of the show -independently of listening to it subsequently ?

Strangely -I guess -Promised Land and Quarter to Three ! The rest has sort of faded away into a general hazy recollection of late teenage bliss at being at -what I recognised fully at the time -was one heck of a show !

Bruce McLean wrote: This is simply the best R&R concert I have ever seen. Nothing else comes close. All the Springsteen shows from '78 are great but this is the only one I saw live. My brother scored us tickets as a Christmas present. I was living in NJ but hailed from Seattle (where it was soooo much easier to get tickets vs. NJ). We drove downtown and got prepped with Irish coffees at Jake O'Shaunessey's. The performance was amazing - the audience way too stoic. I was among the few hundred that stayed for the 4th encore. I knew Bruce would come back one last time. Sadly. my brother left when the house lights came up and bitched at me all the way on the drive back to the Eastside.


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