1971-09-01, Garfield Park, Long Branch, NJ

The Bruce Springsteen Band
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Bruce plays the piano during this show as well as singing lead vocals.

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Albee Tellone wrote: ONE show, triple bill, with the 5-member BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN BAND headlining. This marks the end of the short lived 10 member version of the BSB. The support acts were acoustic folk trio NASH, LARGE & ROSS (who opened) and experimental rock band SUNNY JIM who debuted the use of an early keyboardless synthesizer that guitarist Tom Dickinson programmed for sound effects. Bruce's old friend and former Castiles keyboardist Bob Alfano played with Sunny Jim.

This was an afternoon, outdoor show put on by Tinker West?s Blah Productions. Garfield Park was located at the intersection of Broadway and Ocean Ave. The stage was set up facing the the ocean across the street from the boardwalk.

The BSB line-up for this show was Springsteen, Van Zandt, Sancious, Tallent and Lopez. Tinker guests on congas on ?Dance Dance Dance? and the rousing finale ?Jumbeliah? (which also features an unidentified walk-on troupe of backing vocalists consisting of roadies and members of both undercard bands). Highlights of this show are ?The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down? (the only known Springsteen performance ? and its great), as well as the only known audio of two Springsteen compositions, ?It?s Time To Go Home? (also known by the title ?Festival?) and ?You Better Be Nice To Me?.

The weather was great and no one tried to shut down the concert. The bootleg of this show is only a partial and doesn't have any songs where Bruce played guitar. The guy in the audience must have run out of tape before Bruce picked up his guitar. He usually played some songs on the piano first. This was one of the best shows the BSB and Sunny Jim ever performed.

Albee Tellone


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