1979-09-22, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

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Mike D. wrote: This was the first of my 25 shows (to date), and the only time thus far I've seen Quarter to Three.... can't explain how much energy went into that one. Great short show - felt sorry for all prior acts who thought they were being booed.... oh well.

Ray Cascella wrote: The second night of the "No Nukes" shows was great. I came in during Chaka Kahn, also seeing half hour sets of Bonnie Rait and then Tom Petty (who all heard the BRUUUCE chants during their sets) Bruce came on and doubled his scheduled 40 minute set playing for close to an hour and a half, well past midnight which was his birthday. Seeing "Sherry Darling" for the first time and Bruce pulling a girl on stage to dance was great. Also Tom Petty and Jackson Brown joined Bruce and the boys for a great rendition of "Stay". The set ended with a great as usual "Quarter to Three"


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