1980-10-10, Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL

The River Tour
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Christopher wrote: I was at this show on 10/10/1980. The Uptown Theater was an old vaudeville theater located on Lawrence Avenue in Chicago. The show was incredible. We barely sat down in our first balcony seats when the band walked out on the stage, Bruce walked out wearing a tight grey sportcoat and launched right into Born To Run!!! I remember plaster falling from the ceiling. It looked like it was snowing! The River album had just been released. WXRT, a local radio station played the entire album, a couple weeks before the concert. I recall being toally exhausted after the show but felt, sincerely, like this one band would have a sense of purpose in my life moving forward. And, of course they did. As we were leaving, we waited outside the alley stage door. Several vans were waiting. Bruce hustled into the open slide door of one van and struck an Elvis pose--kneeling with arms outstretched and both index fingers pointed. The door rolled closed and they were gone. Later, Bruce was spotted, as confirmed by the Chicago Tribune, playing pinball at a bar named The Wild Hare. A really wonderful memory and a GREAT rock'n'roll moment!!!

steve wrote: I was there. Not a big fan at the time. Actually dragged to the show by a girl who worked for Jam Productions. 10th row centre seats. Not expecting much. Bruce and the band walked on and launched into Born to Run as an opener. Amazingly the show reached new hights with each song. I remember Point Blank being especially good. Bruce centre stage under a white spot light. Dramatic.Fantastic. Got to go back stage for a meet and great. He sold me that night. I became a believer. He was The Boss.


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