1980-11-20, Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, IL

The River Tour
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Bill wrote: My first Bruce concert also. I was instantly hooked. Haven't been to any concert that has ever come close to a Bruce concert since.

Christopher wrote: While Bruce was playing at the Uptown Theater on 10/10/80, he mentioned to "tell your friends, that I'll be coming back soon and playing somewhere bigger...". Well, this was the bigger nite. I was off to stage right with a great view of all the action. During Hungry Heart, I remember Bruce's microphone cord getting stuck on some piece of equipment and him yanking on it! When he went to sing the first verse, it was dead. He held the microphone out from the right side of the stage and the crowd sang the entire first verse. He was laughing and the band was falling down smiling and chuckling. Later, this became a regular part of his show. Several people ran up on stage and Bruce would have fun with it. One guy ran up and hugged Bruce from behind...and as the guy was lead away by roadies/security...Bruce yelled, "Who was that guy!?!?"...Bruce was in fine spirits and seemed to really enjoy the boisterous audience. Really, a great show.

Randall wrote: After nearly 350 concerts, I'm still tempted to say this is the best I ever saw. It was staggering.

Like a basketball game, each concert unfolds a little differently. And while the band was certainly in fine shape during 'Born to Run', the energy level and the intensity only rose thoughtout the show. It was a wonder the entire arena didn't spontaneously combust.

I was so jacked-up afterwards I couldn't go to sleep. That had never happened before--or since.

At three AM, I got out of bed, got dressed and returned to the Rosemont Horizon. There, I was among a group of six (?) people admitted to the arena to say "Hi" to Bruce.

If I had been unable to sleep before, there was no way it was going to happen now. It is the show--and the night--I will never forget.

Long White Bow wrote: This was my first Bruce concert. We brought a banner with "Bruce I wanna marry you"on it. We spotted Joyce Heisser before the show walking around on stage. The show was needless to say awesome, I can`t remember to many details, I was so overwhelmed by it all. I remember we sang Hungry Heart, Bruce just pointed the mic at us and let us sing the first verse, later we heard that was the first time he did that. He was suprised that it was such a big hit I think. Detroit Medley brought the house DOWN, it was incredible. Unfortunatley I haven`t heard it since. It was a great crowd, our high school was in Bruce fever after the River release til the concert. It was looong ,I think 4 hours. Point Blank and Wreck on the Highway were intense. The band was in top form, maybe my best concert, to bad it was so long ago, and my first, I`d love to see it now!

Scott Shipman wrote: This was my first Bruce show - I was a Senior in high school at the time (I'm 50 now), and while I liked his music (everything on Darkness and some of the earlier stuff), I was more of a Who guy at the time of the show. My childhood friends swore by Bruce and the E Street band, but I needed convincing. So, in the spirit of "you asked for it", my guys got me a ticket. I still remember turning to Matt Darnall as Bruce and the band took the stage, and said: "I hope he plays something I know". Well, Bruce stepped to the mike and said: "CHICAGO 1-2-3" and launched into Born to Run. It was like having your hair blown back from those old Maxell tapes ads in the day. So after Born to Run, I was confused - he'd just blown his wad on a sure-fire encore! What the hell was going on here! Only later did I learn (and come to understand and love) the magic and the power of this man and this band. My oldest went to see Bruce this past summer at the Wrigley Field show, and when he came home, I asked him what he thought. He just looked at me and said: "Dad, that was the best night of my life". Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss!

Daniel wrote: My first and only Bruce show. Completely mindblowing and so memorable. I was 15 and a huge fan, so knew the records pretty well. The opening of Born to Run was unbelievably exciting, I'll never forget it.

And, oh yeah, it was SUPER loud (but crystal clear).


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