1980-11-28, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

The River Tour
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Jen wrote: I was there. I was 15. Last row of MSG. For some reason, I remember Santa Claus is Coming to Town played that night, but I dont see it on the set list.

RosalitaNYC wrote: I followed two people who were sneaking in and caught the show from "Sandy" until the end. I didn't realize the concert was still going on! Really. I was kind of naive. It

RosalitaNYC wrote: was awesome. My friends couldn't believe I did that because I was always kind of a nerd.

Steve Semeraro wrote: My first show. I was 18. First performance of For You on the tour was a huge thrill. I loved that song and they played it just like it is on Greetings with the opening guitar chords and all. The second set seemed to go on forever. I kissed my girlfriend for most of Drive All Night.


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