1980-12-11, Civic Center, Providence, RI

The River Tour
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Frank McChrystal wrote: It was my first Bruce concert. He was real skinny then and literally electric. A few months earlier I had seen Bjorn Borg live and up close at a tennis match in Fla. I left the show thinking that Borg couldn't hang with Bruce at all and Borg at the time was probably the fittist athlete on the planet. I had seats in the mid right section behind the stage and Bruce made sure we weren't forgotten. It seemed Van Zandt was the musical leader of the band that night and Bruce was turned loose to entertain. About every fourth or fifth song after the intermission Bruce would sing a slow acoustic and those of us in the back could see the band bent over and gasping for air while all the lights were on Bruce. I'm thinking this guy is from another planet and his band is having trouble keeping up. He opened with Born To Run and I haven't heard it played live any better. This band was perfect for the duration, almost inhuman. Bruce redefined excellance that cold night at the civic center.

Patsy wrote: My first time seeing Bruce. I have seen many concerts. The Who** Eric Clapton ** The Kinks ** I could go on
and on.. This was the best concert
I have ever seen.
Now I can still say Bruce is the best live show.
Magic in the night is
Can't wait to see him again.

JDZ wrote: It was my first Bruce show, and my first "arena" concert. Our seats were about twenty rows back, and maybe ten rows up. When I stood on my chair, I looked right into Clarence's eyes. I was not a big fan of the "River" album, but when done live the songs just took my breath away. Frank above is right; every few songs, the volume would come down and we had to listen, not just ride along. Then the volume came back up, and we'd be rocking again.
The next day I felt that if I died right then, I would be complete.

JAY wrote: My 1st Bruce show.(now over 100).The most amazing show i have ever seen.Three nights earlier John Lennon passed. I thought rock was all over,but i was wrong it just started.


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