1980-12-31, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY

The River Tour
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Ralph wrote: Well, this was a really good one. Some 38 songs and some 5 1/2 hours. The show started at 8:30 and lasted until 1:00pm the following year. It was New Year's Eve and Clarence had the world's largest noisemaker. I got tickets from a co-worker, Gloria, G-L-O-R-I-A, and went with my best friend, Schemer. Bruce was awesome. We smuggled in a bottle of champagne and waited until the Midnight Hour. Bruce was so happy and took the crowd way past Cloud 9. He played everything. With five albums out, he had a repertoire of some 60 songs. He played half from his albums and the rest from the kingdom of heaven - Motown, Blues, Jazz...everything. What a night. It seemed like it lasted forever - maybe it did. If you ever get a chance to see a New Year's Eve show -maybe Southside Johnny, maybe JoBonanno...just go. ENJOY - it's the beginning of a new year. Auld Land Syne forever friends...rap

Tim B wrote: This was my first Bruce show. Got some nosebleed seats about a week before and had no idea what to expect. I remember just sitting around after the show trying to figure out what had just happened to me and then he comes running back onstage saying "where ya going?" 27 years later it still ranks as one of the best concerts I have ever seen. The stories, the music, the raw energy and passion ...... amazing.....still to this day

GoodOldKen wrote: I do have to admit that the best thing about having the boot of this show is to remind me that, after over a quarter of a century, this is still the best concert I have ever witnessed.

I had tickets to the December 29 show. After sitting through that one, I had no choice but to go back on New Years Eve and see him again. The problem was that the concert was sold out and scalpers and ticket brokers were illegal in NY.
My wife and I decided to try our luck and go to Nassau Coliseum and see if we could get in.

The Bruce Gods shone upon us that night. We found someone with 2 extra tickets. Face value to boot!

Knowing what I know now, I would have paid through my teeth for those tickets.
It's still my go to CD.

Water Molecue wrote: Wow. This was a great show. Finally found the boot. If you can get a hold of this one it's worth it. This show went on forever and after most of Nassau Coliseum cleared out Bruce and the band ran out on stage and did a wild rendition of "Twist and Shout". This was the best show I have ever seen, period!

Rob Hollander wrote: Great show. And a long show. I can remember Bruce running around the stage asking what time it was we neared midnight on New Year's Eve. He kept trying to fit songs in before midnight struck. So he jammed in Held Up Without a Gun in record time and then In the Midnight Hour before the balloons came down covering us as he played Auld Lang Syne. Then it was just encore after encore down to Twist and Shout and Raise Your Hand. Aside from the first time i saw Bruce in '78 on the Darkness tour (at the same venue), this was the most memorable. A true party that no one wanted to leave...including Bruce.


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