1981-01-29, Hilton Coliseum, Ames, IO

The River Tour
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BK Pierce wrote: This too was my first Springsteen show. The train was real...and totally unbelievable. Prove It All Night will always be my favorite Springsteen song because that moment in time is frozen in my brain. By the second song, Tenth Avenue Freezeout, Bruce was sitting on the shoulders of some guy in the 5th row. Wow...to have those days of innocence and raw entertainment back again.

Tom wrote: My first show. Did'nt want to go but my roomate had an extra ticket. From song two he had the arena and my definition of music was changed forever. Rosalita, Detroit Medley he had an energy and a comand over his craft and audience, that I had never seen....and have not seen in an artist since. For me, a major life event. To his day his music and his shows have been a part of who I am.

Connie wrote: This was also my first show. I was about 7 months pregnant with my daughter who has since been to quite a few shows with me. We say that is when she became a fan. (or Tramp) I will never forget that train. Unbelievable! You had to join..you had no control! Bruce just seemed to take over and I am so glad he did. From that day till now what a ride it has been!

Bryan S. Friesth wrote: This was my first Springsteen show. What vividly stands out in my mind about this show 23 years ago was the passion of Bruce and the band....and the passion of the audience. During the Detroit medley, "I see a train" was played. Almost instantaneously people in the top balcony of Hilton Coliseum began to form a train of people choo-chooing around the top balcony walk way. As the song progressed the line became longer and longer...until it's beginning person caught up with the tail for one huge train. The site of seeing this and the anticipation of it becoming one big train to this day, even as I write this, gives me chills down my spine.
A friend who had seen Bruce's live show before told me before the show "You'll never be the same" (once you see him live) and I wasn't. Thanks Bruce!!


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