1981-02-28, Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC

The River Tour
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Mike wrote: My very first Bruce show. I had just gotten back from being on board a US Navy ship for six months (even though I was in the Marine Corps)Had taken The River (on eight track) with me and had just about worn it out. My brothers and a whole crowd from Goldsboro NC went to the show, and we had a blast.

Anonymous wrote: This was the best of many Springsteen shows I have been privileged to attend. Duke beats UNC in double overtime that afternoon at Cameron, and Springsteen puts on a phenomenal show that evening. I attend both with my first love (wonder what she's doing now - wonder if her memories of that day are as sweet as mine?). Life was good. . .

John wrote: After the band wrapped up Blue Dress Medley the house lights never went all the way up, and they never started playing recorded music over the PA. So about 4,000 of us kept yelling, cheering and chanting. If my dookie friend hadn't been in such a hurry to leave with his girlfriend, he'd know that twenty minutes after the band left the stage, they returned and played "Twist and Shout."


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