1981-04-14, Festhalle, Frankfurt, West Germany

The River Tour
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Dan French wrote: My first Bruce show, after the original 1981 UK dates were postponed to May-June... thanks always to Rena for sending me the ticket! For me, it wasn't just a show, but an unreal experience including meeting Clarence, Bruce, the E Street Band and crew, hanging out backstage and at the soundcheck, and THEN finally my first Bruce concert. You can read the full story of my adventures on the continental European River tour here:


Anthony Jones wrote: This too was my first Bruce concert. I have seen him a further 24 times since this fantastic event.
The one thing that will stick with me forever is when the full band burst in with prove it all night deafingly loud after the bare factory opener. You didn't get a chance to applaud until 2 or 3 songs later as the songs just followed straight on.
An absolute brilliant concert that set the standard for decades


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