1981-05-08, Johannsehovg Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden

The River Tour
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Gunnar wrote: I have seen 24 apperances of the Boss over the years, but this one still is number 1. This is the only time that I have experienced an encore that definitely was not expected to come. After more than 4 hours of incredible rock ?n? roll it was obvious that the show was finished, but not a single person wanted to leave the arena. The guards did their very best to get everyone to leave. They turned on the light and started to play music in the loudspeakers, but no one left. We all screamed for more for at least 10 minutes and it worked. Bruce came back! He was carried on to stage by some members of the crew. He was completely wet as though he had been in the shower for the last 10 minutes with his clothes on! When they put him down in front of the microphone he screamed: - If you call for me again you?re gonna kill me! And then played an incredible version of twist and shout that made us all completely mad!

Pol Pop wrote: After seen four shows in Sweden this is still number one. The newspaper wrote that Jon Landau was walking backstage after the concert saying something about that this show was one of the best ever from Bruce.That maybe made up by a journalist carried away. But for me it will always be a mark in my personal history. The day before and after being shot right in the heart and soul of genuine soulful rock ?n roll. That does not happen every day.

When I listen to the bootleg today it still makes me feel warm inside, and I do not think I am alone.


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