1981-05-11, Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, England

The River Tour
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flipflop wrote: Still cite it as the best concert I've ever witnessed, all the cliche's apply. Changed me from being a "fan" to being, a major fan.

Davey Bell wrote: 6 rows from the front, just off centre. Bruce walks into a solitary spotlight and begins Follow That Dream.. his voice alone shakes the plaster off the ceiling. Me and 2,500 others become hooked for life. Still THE greatest live show I've seen. During "Wreck on the Highway" I share a look with a total stranger that says; "Oh my God! this is awsome"

Dave W wrote: A life changing day, my first Bruce concert. Already a fan this took it to a new level. On the balcony overlooking the stage I was blown away.Everyone singing & dancing for all they were worth & yet you could hear a pin drop during Point Blank which was awesome.

jukegirl wrote: I'd waited so long to see Bruce - when the curtains opened and the band exploded into life after Follow That Dream ... well, what a moment!

mark lancaster wrote: Easy the best show I've ever seen. Sort of changed the way I feel about things. Seen almost all the worlds great bands,since mid70s,but none to touch e street. .. Think it's 31 Bruce gigs since that first one.

Jane Jamieson wrote: Hadn't even heard of Bruce Springsteen - got offered a ticket and WOW my life changed - was knocked out completely and have been going to see him ever since and own everything he has ever done - love him


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