1981-05-20, New Bingley Hall, Stafford, England

The River Tour
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John OD wrote: I came from Ireland to see this concert. I was only a student and I was walking on air for days afterwards. It was such a great night. 26 years later I can still remember it clearly. Thanks bruce for all the years and thanks to this website for the set list. I couldn't remember it THAT clearly!!

Phil Varley wrote: This was my 1st Springsteen show......Awesome!!!

Malcolm Staves wrote: My first show too! Biggest venue I'd been at. Bruce was like this tiny dot on stage somehow he managed to fill the arena. This was way before the advent of giant video screens. I was sold.

Kevin Turner wrote: I can't remember the detail of this show! But it was my first Bruce show! Fantastic!!! Here we are 24 years later and I still love everything he does!

Allan Corfield wrote: I was about 6 rows from the front and the power of the first 3 songs just about blew me away.Still one of the best concerts ive seen.

Lizzie L wrote: Wow - I've been telling people for year's about this amazing concert, but have lost touch with the friends I went with, so don't have anyone to reminisce with! I couldn't remember the full set list until discovering this site, but do remember that Candy's Room and Rosalita blew me away. I didn't know much about Springsteen before I went, but I became a life long convert, most recently seeing him in Manchester in 2013. I've made a playlist from The River 1981 tour set list, and listening to it now it feels like the concert was only yesterday. My favourite performance of all was Born in The USA Tour in Roundhay Park Leeds 07.07.85. I think I will be spending a lot more time on this site. PS to the 17 yr old girl (now 50!) who got pulled on to stage to dance - I am sooooooo jealous :)

Stephanie Wall wrote: I was that girl from the front row who was lucky enought to get pulled out of the audience to dance with him to the track Sherry Darlin'. Still gives me the shivers. Went to the concert with my brother , we were only 17 and 19 yrs old and we were both completely blown away, and still are, by Bruce. Does anyone have any recording of this concert?


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