1981-06-08, International Arena, Birmingham, England

The River Tour
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Lindsey wrote: The was my first of many, the one that got me hooked, it was BRILLIANT. Cost me a fortune every since but worth every penny.

Steve Pownall wrote: My first Bruce concert; it was rescheduled because he had been ill from the year earlier. Got the train from Liverpool to Birmingham and stayed in an hotel overnight after the concert; had great seats quite close up and on the left hand side of the NEC.

Great gig; my memory is fading now, but I am pretty sure it was Ptet Townsend that came on stage with him; am I right or is my memory playing tricks?

Micky Drew wrote: My first Bruce show- three of us went and the most fantastic time-Pete Townsend came on- It was so late when it finished they had to stop the trains. Remember seeing three girls in Gold T-Shirts with " Tramps like us" on the back.They looked OK to me and the boys... Brilliant night and seen the Boss MANY times since..Rock On....

Ant Tuson wrote: This was my first Bruce concert. Had been listening to him since discovering Born to Run in 1976. Came on stage at 8, played till 10, back on at 10.30, played till half past midnight. The lights came up for Detroit Medley and Rockin all Over the World, and the whole place was rocking in the aisles, what a night. Have seen him 6 times since but this was maybe the best, because it was my first

colin jenkins wrote: my first boss concert - i can still remember it like it was yesterday.got a coach from liverpool and returned home at 2 am with my head about to explode. badlands a throwaway album track was phenomenal-topped only by a cover of trapped.

Kevin Everley wrote: Can't remember if it was 7th or 8th, but it was the one with Pete Townsend.
Original date was in March, but it was cancelled because the boss collapsed with exhaustion.
Best concert I ever went to.


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