1981-07-19, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

The River Tour
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Steve Morse wrote: My first concert ever and talk about raising the bar by seeing Springsteen for your first concert! I had seats behind the stage which ended up being pretty great because they were much closer than most seats and Bruce and the band did a good job playing to us in the back. The other cool thing was having the unique perspective of seeing the crowd the same way the band saw them. During the sax solo for Jungleland, Bruce jumped up on one of the amps and started pumping his fist in the air. To this day, the image that stays with me is that of 20,000 fans at the old Spectrum pumping their fists in unison. That and seeing the sweat dripping from his hand on the neck of the guitar. Just an awesome show. I was hooked from that night on.


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