1981-08-20, Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA

The River Tour
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Peggy Hannan wrote: Yahoo back to the Sports arena for 6 more. I think one was a veterans show and i ran into a good friend who was a vet and he took me backstage and then I was helping this girl vet in a wheelchair in the bathroom backstage and she said come sit on the stage with me! They had made it so a bunch of disabled vets could sit right next to Clarence. Heaven!!

Greg Kuntz wrote: This show was a benefit for the Vietnam Veterans, and Bruce introduced "Who'll Stop the Rain?" with a story that still gives me chills when I think of it. He drew an analogy to the plight of Vets being like when someone is walking home from work and looks down an alleyway and sees somebody getting hurt. You know you should stop and help, but you just want to get home. Bruce concluded with, "Vietnam turned this country into a dark alley, and until we can walk down that alley and look into the eyes of those men and women, we ain't ever gonna get home." Ron Kovak was brought out on stage and the band's version of "Who'll Stop the Rain?" was forever burned into the memories of those of us lucky enough to be there that night.


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