1981-08-28, Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA

The River Tour
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Jenny Troy wrote: This was the 3rd show of the LA stand that I saw and it was so amazing - like 4 1/2 hours of Bruce! It was so hot and sweaty inside, but we were wearing our Bruce T-shirts and shorts and didn't have a care in the world! Good times.

Steve wrote: Throughout this LA stand, I saw all of the shows except the very first one (the infamous Vietnam Veterans show). Out of all of them I saw, this one was the one that floored me. It was a long time ago, but Bruce was in rare form, dancing all of the stage, peforming with unbelievable passion, and a set list that was truly unique. One moment that I remember vividly is during the encores Bruce physically broke all of his strings on his guitar, ran back and got a new one, and continued playing. Wild, wild moment. Best introduction to Bruce a fan could ever want!!


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