1984-10-17, Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA

Born in the USA Tour
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pdxrob wrote: This setlist is incorrect, and is what I have seen posted incorrectly as well at other sites (at least according to the tape of the show given to me by a friend confirmed at the time by my memory - this was my first show ever!):
BITUSA, Out In The Street, Tenth Avenue Freeze Out, Atlantic City, Johnny 99, Reason To Believe, Mansion On The Hill, I'm Goin' Down, Darlington County, Glory Days, Promised Land, My Hometown, Trapped, Badlands, Thunder Road, Hungry Heart, Dancin' In The Dark, Cadillac Ranch, Downbound Train, I'm On Fire, Cover Me, Pink Cadillac, Bobby Jean, Racing In The Streets, Rosalita (the last time...at least for a long while), Jungleland, Follow Your Dream, Born To Run, Detroit Medeley, Twist and Shout, Do You Love Me.

Bruce was real sick that night, running back to get water frequently. The next night's show was postponed a day because he was so sick from the "Tacoma Aroma".


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