1984-11-19, Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO

Born in the USA Tour
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Scorp wrote: my first Bruce concert. Very very very few other concerts i have ever been too can even really be called concerts after going to this one.

texas2pts wrote: Aww, Scorp! Good to see you here. Was my first Bruce show, too, and will always be the incomparable to the 33 others I've seen since. I'll never forget the chills I felt while hearing Jungleland for the first time ever. And Racing was unforgettable. Hearing, "We're trying to make your town a more decent place to live. And remember, nobody wins unless everybody wins...1-2-3-4" before BTR while touting the Harvester's Community Food Network opened my eyes to a way of thinking about others that moved me. I was a young teen, and searching. This show was a life-changer for me. What an impression he made!


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