1985-04-03, Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, Melbourne, Australia

Born in the USA Tour
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Steve wrote: This is the best concert I have ever been to, by a mile and I have just seen Bruce for the fourth time tonight at Hanging Rock

john from yarrawonga wrote: I agree with Steve it was the best concert when the band hit the first note on born in the USA it sent a shiver thru me, went to both gigs at melb show grounds and saw 2 nights at Bostons north bank centre in 2007 with my wife it was danny federicis last last shows. Took my 4 kids a wife to last gig at hanging rock , the guy is amazing but 1985 was special for me cheers john

AussieJohn wrote: This was my first ever Bruce show and very special as it was at the old Melbourne show grounds. We camped over nigh in one of the big sheds before they let us sprint to the stage area around 2 pm. The best memories.


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