1985-06-01, Slane Castle, Dublin, Ireland

Born in the USA Tour
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Sinead wrote: This concert was actually played in Slane, Co Meath even though Bruce kept referring to Dublin.

It was the first major concert I went to at the age of 17 - still can't believe my parents let me head away to it.

It was a very long but very worthwhile day - Bruce's first time to Ireland and he just keeps coming back. Even though I had been a fan for a few years at that stage it was the real start of the love affair with Bruce.

The crowd went absolutely crazy - start to finish it was fantastic - no-one wanted it to stop.

Bruce announced that he an Irish grandmother.

Barry Hingston, Dublin wrote: Slane Castle - my first Bruce concert... this show is legendary in the history of Rock in Ireland. Bruce was just coming to the peak of his world-wide 'general public' popularity. It seemed that the whole of Ireland had arrived in County Meath for this show - it was the place to be, the ticket to have, the concert of the year. It was also reputed to be the hottest day ever on record in Ireland. My cousin gave me a castle guest pass - the concert was being held in the grounds of Lord Henry Mount Charles' stately castle. My guest pass left me walking bewildered through crowds of rock stars also attending the gig of the year, with free beer at my finger tips! It was unbelieveable!! I ended up sitting out on the grassy hill to the right of the stage, in front of the castle, with all the room in the world, looking down on the E Street Band, listening to the set above... I was 19 & in heaven - definitely one of the formative experiences of my life. And here I am, 24 years later, having just witnessed one of the best Bruce shows ever, again! - Dublin 2009-07-12. Thanks Bruce, please come back again soon.

Noel McGillian wrote: I can't believe there are no reviews of this concert.

I was there and I will tell my grandchildren about it (if I ever have any). This was the first Springsteen concert I went to and I think a significant portion of the Irish population were there.

Glorious weather (fairly rare in Ireland) with a legendary set list - just take a look at it every song an absolute classic. I recall the concert starting explosively with "Born in the USA". The crowd went crazy as the distinctive opening notes rang accross the natural ampitheater that the Slane Castle site is. At the end of the song Bruce said that "things were getting kinda crazy at the front" and he didn't want anyone to get hurt so he asked if everyone in the audience could take one step backwards. Yep, you guessed it all 65,000 or whatever people took one step back (even the ones half a mile back from the stage). That was a measure of the stage presence.

From start to finish the performance was faultless. Bruce and all were on top form, enjoying themselves every bit as much as the audience.

I've still got the tour Tee shirt but 21 years later there is no way it will ever it will ever fit.

jarlath madine wrote: Just chatting to my 21 year old son about this concert...
What a day that was... Just finished the exams at uni, sun was out, shirt was off...
Shame there is no footage...would live to share that

Eoin o Conaire wrote: My first concert at 16. Brought to it by my 22 year old sister and 30 years later I still can remenber the excitment. Memories to last a lifetime.

Martina wrote: My first Bruce concert. Brought my sister and a friend. I will never forget it. I can still remember feeling like I was in heaven. Over 30 years ago and I still feels like yesterday.

Brian G Watt wrote: Best time ever,went with my two best Irish friends(I'm Scots),not much in my life beets that day. Now going to The River Tour gig in Den Haag,June this year,just hope I have the same energy!


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