1985-06-05, St. James Park, Newcastle, England

Born in the USA Tour
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Mike wrote: I was stationed in London and had already caught a couple shows in the states. Took the train up to Newcastle with another Springsteen fan, hit the pubs and got hooked on Newcastle Brown Ale. We had pretty good seats for the show, all those brits waving American flags singing born in the usa as awesome.

Great show as always, we met a couple british girls and spent the night in Newcastle, thanks Bruce!

Bill wrote: I was a first year student at Newcastle University studing chemistry that year. I remember very well , it was my last exam that particularly day, so all of us headed to St. Jame's Park straight after handing over our answer sheets.
It was a 4 hour show....awesome as usual!!!!!
I was very close to the pit dancing the whole evening away.
Thanks Bruce!!!! I will never forget that wondelful evening. I still got the ticket!!!!

Neil wrote: I also headed to that concert after finishing my last exam at the end of my first year at University - for me it was a four hour train journey from Aberdeen though, and we didn't get to the stadium till nearly 6.30pm, missing the first four songs or so in the process. Was totally blown away by how amazing that concert was and I became a Springsteen obsessive that summer, getting all the albums I didn't already have when I got home. Our train back to Aberdeen left at around 2.30am, so we spent the hours after the concert at a nightclub which had put on a Springsteen themed night. Plenty Newcastle Brown Ales from what I recall. I think I still have the tour t-shirts hidden away at the bad of a wardrobe - sadly they won't fit me any more...


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