1985-06-23, Stade Richter, Montpellier, France

Born in the USA Tour
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Ricardo J. Colin wrote: Wow! Do I remember this!

I was stationed at Torrejon AB, Madrid, Spain.

When I was downtown I saw this add for a Boss concert. It was in France and this travel agency was sending like 5 busses up there.

So I hopped on the bus on a Friday night and we arrived in Montpellier sometime around noon. The gates had not opened yet and had the opportunity to get up close. i never knew what it was like to be front row center and that day would be the day that let me experience that.

It was Born in the USA Tour and thanks to the set list, I remember it even more.

It was great to be in a stadium full of Europeans. It was a different atmosphere that I did not know about until that day.

It was a great concert. I remember getting back on the bus and everyone was so thrilled. I am sure everyone fell asleep for that long bus ride home.

I remember one lady being upset that Bruce did not play Jungleland.

Hahahahahahaha! What a wonderful day.


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