1985-07-06, Wembley Stadium, London, England

Born in the USA Tour
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Neil wrote: As a 12 year old boy just two months short of my 13th birthday, this was my first experience of not just a Bruce show, but a concert of any type. I had bought my first ever record some months earlier, Dancing in The Dark, and having seen the video on To of The Pops, I later went out to buy my first album with my own money - Born in The USA. When i heard that this Springsteen guy was about to visit the UK on his World Tour on the back of his new album, I nagged my mum to get me a ticket and take me to a show.

This concert was earth shatteringly brilliant and from this day on I became a Springsteen fanatic. I have seen numerous shows since and I will always remember fondly the date of 6th July 1985 as the day i began to follow the Springsteen religion.

Long may it continue! Thanks Bruce.


DAVE wrote: My strongest memories of this show which took place on a beutiful sunny day were the covers he played his voice incredibly moving during Cant help falling in love and the power and reamergance of Little Steven on Street Fighting Man, he played all the encores Oh and the stupid big hats on Darlington County or was it Working on the Highway - sometimes everything fades together but I thought it was a billiant show and couldn't wait for my next chance

Allan jones wrote: My friend said to me i`ve got tickets for Bruce springsteen at Wembley stadium. I said surely you mean the arena.When he said NO its the stadium i knew that this fellow would be something special as it wa a complete sell out for the 3 nights.I was only 16 When the first chords of Born In The USA were played i knew that this was the road i would follow musically for the rest of my life. I`ve seen many Bruce shows since and just like a fine wine springsteen is now vintage. rock on Bruce!

paul trigg wrote: my first springsteen show , wow what a fantastic day i was already a fan ,but had never seen him live ,i remember not being able to sleep for about 2 days before the gig , cos i was so exited,i will never forget that day as long as i live, it would be 2008 before i saw him live again

Tony wrote: I think this was the one I was at. It was a frying hot day and they were throwing buckets of water off the stage to cool people off.

I was just about close enough to to get the spray and the whole thing turned into a bit of a wet t-shirt contest.

Lots of fun.


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