1985-08-15, Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA

Born in the USA Tour
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Paul Callahan wrote: This was the first Bruce show I ever attended. I was a freshman in college and a Bruce fan, with help from my oldest brother Rich and WMMR in Philly, since Born To Run. I went with my sister Liz and it was the most memorable concert I ever attended. Very, very hot day. I sat, or rather stood, on a wooden chair on the outfield of the Vet. It was packed of course and I remember singing along and stopping in mid-song realizing EVERYONE else was singing along as well! After the show I wrote down all the songs names from the show, including one "Highway", which of course was "Seeds" which I had never heard before. I have been to many Bruce shows since, but nothing will ever top this one. PS- Adam really did raise a Cain, my father bought the tickets for my sister and me and I would do the same if I had a chance!


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