1985-08-27, CNE Stadium, Toronto, Canada

Born in the USA Tour
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Joni wrote: This was my first Bruce experience and it lived up to all the hype - even the mega-1985 hype. I had missed the first leg of the tour but this was well worth waiting for. Buying tickets for this show was archaic compared to now - we lined up at 2am and finally got our tickets at 5pm. We were at the end of the stadium (football field) and our tickets said "obstructed view". I couldn't figure out what the obstruction could possible be until we got there and realized the mixing booth oblliterated our view of centre stage! As you know, there were huge screens anyway, but still it was a bit annoying.

The show was amazing. Even though I had only become a fan since The River, I had, like any decent fan, gone back and purchased all previous albums (yes, vinyl). I remember trying to keep track of the songs as he played them but not wanting to waste the time of writing them down. He did the usual food bank donation psa which I know helped the food bank for years to come as my place of work donated money to the food bank every Christmas after that - because of Bruce. The crowd was on its feet for the whole show of course. I didn't think I would ever see anything like that again and I didn't - until of course I saw him the next time.


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