2005-05-20, Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA

Devils & Dust Tour
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Peter wrote: This was a very hard ticket to get and luckily my friend was able to snag two. Bruce had a strict no scalp policy in place, as you had to get a wristband from a winnebago out front and if it was altered, you weren't getting in. It was a fantastic show. I was almost jumping out of my shoes with excitement but had to hold back because of Bruce's edict for quiet. Three highlights stand out above all else: the bullet mic on Reason to Believe (which was perfect for the venue), his piano work on The River, and letting the crowd get into it for a great version of Ramrod.

noel wrote: very powerful performance. It was a bit warm in the small, less than 2000 seat theatre. But Bruce was working hard, beathing hard, haven't heard him that out of breath during talks since the early bootlegs. But the music never suffered. Very intimate show. One could not go away without the feeling the Bruce gave his all. From the first stomps in Reason to Believe to the mesmerizing Dream Baby Dream. We were all packed in to the small venue, a full house -- but the audience was great, very quiet. In the audience, Senator Kerry, who Bruce dedicated Leah to.


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