2002-11-03, American Airlines Arena, Dallas, TX

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 2 hours, 40 minutes
Don Henley guests on "I Fought the Law".
"Worlds Apart" is out of the set for the first time on the tour.

Eyewitness accounts

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Brandon White wrote: This was my first Bruce show ever.. I am only 16 years old, and though I have not been a fan for as long as most, I am still a huge fan.. I had people 20 years older than me tapping me on the shoulder and asking me 'what song is this?' when Bruce was playing "Incident" , I was one of the few people near me that knew every lyric to every song played. It was a great show, Bruce completley blew me away. I had seen the NYC show on HBO and thought it was great, but it had no comparrrison to the show I saw. Seeing Don Henley come out was awsome. The entire show was great, I can still remember every minute of it. I cant wait to see him again. Bruce jumping on the piano, sliding across the stage on his knees.. Just awsome.

"dapchi" wrote: What a blast! Thanks Bruce, I had so much fun.

First off, apologies to the lady sitting next to me (section 117, row F, seat 17). I think I blew her eardrum out when Bruce intro'd Ramrod.

Apologies also to my wife. During Nils' intro to Countin', she was telling me she was worried about her hand, which she hurt in a fall Friday evening. When Bruce said, "It's A" I stood and began jamming out in my own world, oblivious to the pain of my loved one. Need to figure out how to make it up to her.

The band came on at around 8:15 PM. The seats in the arena looked pretty full from my vantage point, especilly the upper levels. Plenty of room on the floor around the sound board.

I thought the crowd was pretty reserved. Lots of people leaving the floor and coming back with food and drink. We were right near an aisle so this was particularly distracting. Lot's of sitting in my section including two guys who did not want to be there. Surprisingly, no one bitched about those who were standing.

Early in the set, accoustics were not great. On several occasions I could hear echo bouncing off the back wall of the arena. I'm assuming someone else heard and fixed it because I didn't notice it after Darkness.

During The Rising, I noticed Patti's vocals are vastly improved from The Reunion Tour. Gone are the days of I'm just a mumble doll.

Had mixed feelings when Darkness was played. On one hand I was glad because I missed it during the reunion tour due to a toilet break. On the other hand, I was worried I wouldn't hear any non Rising songs that I hadn't heard before. This may have been an audible, as Bruce was talking to Steve before it was played. Can anyone elaborate?

Empty Sky & You're Missing was very moving. I really looked forward to this part of the show and wasn't disapointed. What is Patti doing with her hand when she's singing? I'm surprised more than one person didn't yell out after the "eye for an eye" on Empty sky

The WOASD sing along was pretty sorry, promting Bruce to comment that he thought there were more people in Texas.

Very surprised to hear Night. Wasn't sure what it was until two or three notes into Clarence's opening solo.

Was disapointed so many people used FOUTR for a break. It was like someone announced free beer at the concession stands.

Bruce had to push the crowd at the end of Badlands before playing the "outro".

I don't care much for She's The One but Max is so powerful on this song live. I loved watching him play tonight.

I told my wife that I predicted we'd get a solo The Angel tonight. She was much more happy that we got Incident instead. This is a song that I've yet to learn to appreciate, but I really enjoyed it tonight.

I know it starts slow, but Into The Fire is such a powerful piece of work. Bruce sounds like he's weeping when he sings, "I need your kiss."

The band left the stage for 45-60 seconds tops, before coming back. Bruce asked if we were ready for a Texas Two-Step and played DITD.

Ramrod. So much fun, including Bruce asking Steve if it was quittin' time so they could go back to the hotel and watch pornographic movies.

BTR. Houselights up. What else can I say?

When the band left after BTR, I saw an extra mic stand placed on the stage, so I knew we were in for a treat. I don't know why, but I never guessed Don Henley would be the guest. I Fought The Law was soooo fuckin' cool!!!

MCOR was played for the North Texas Food Bank. I just don't understand how people can sit through this song. Oh well, we all enjoy in our own ways.

BITUSA was intro'd with Bruce saying we should all pray for peace.

Was able to pogo during LOHAD as the people next to me left after BITUSA. I love the People Get Ready piece.

I knew we would get at least one more song and when Bruce got his accoustic I knew it would be something different. Bruce, wearing a cowboy hat from someone in the pit, broke out Workin'. Towards the end of the song, Nils was playing what looked like a banjo, Danny the accordian and Clarence a washboard. That song is so much fun live.

The band left the stage, the houselights came up and I reflected on what I'd just seen; a Bruce gig with Incident, but no Thunder Road, Don Henley for a guest on I Fought The Law and Workin' On The Highway as the show closer. Who woulda' thunk it? Looking forward to hearing the boot from this one.

David Lind wrote: I thought the show was superb. I was in the crow's nest, and it is a little hard to immerse yourself from there. On the other hand, the view of the stage in its entirety was very good, if distant. The arena was full, with the exception of the floor, which was 2/3 full AT MOST. Maybe they sold as many tickets as were permitted for the floor but everyone crowded up front. Any ideas?

The sound contained too much bass for the first few songs, but it was OK by the time of the Empty Sky and You're Missing. Bruce asked for quiet on these songs, and he got it. Very well performed with Patty (why do some people seem to want to give her a hard time?) and very poignant.

I was amazed by inclusion of my 3 favorite older songs (Darkness On The Edge Of Town, Promised Land, & Badlands) and thought the song choices were superb. I really couldn't have wished for a better show; just better seats.

I saw the band 2.5 years ago in New Orleans, and I thought this show was much more polished if a bit less rollocking for the first hour. Maybe it was my remoteness from the stage.

I hope others enjoy the tour as much as I did.

Bob Billman wrote: It seems Bruce really gets up for his shows in Dallas. He always seems to be a little more fired up here. I keep thinking he will soon begin to show his age, lose a step, or not hit the notes. He just keeps getting better. Once again, he was sensational. I was excited to hear FOUTR . The crowd was relatively reserved. Many families getting their kids to see the Boss and R&R history. The Rising and Lonesome were fantastic opens. Henley was a nice touch but didn't do much for me. I felt that Cadillac Ranch last tour was a better closing song than WOTH. However, isn't it true that the last song is always one too few no matter how long the setlist.


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