2003-09-21, Comerica Park, Detroit, MI

The Rising Tour
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Appr. 3 hours.

"Local Hero" is a tour premiere and the first time it has been done with the E Street Band. It was last performed in 1993 with the 1992-93 touring band.

The above also applies to "My Beautiful Reward", which closed the main set.

Martha Reeves guests on "Heatwave", which has never been performed by Bruce before in concert.

Eyewitness accounts

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Bency Abraham wrote: I just got back from tonight's show in Detroit and it was the best springsteen concert I ever saw. Local Hero, Rosalita, Souls of the Departed, Night were tremendous. Even though Comerica Park wasn't sold out. It was a great time had by all. And the best part was after the show, everyone sang happy birthday to bruce. The concert was so much fun. We had 2 tour premieres tonight with Local Hero and My Beautiful Reward. There were so many songs that I hadn't heard live in concert before until tonight. The people who are going to the remaining concerts in denver, milwaukee, and new york are going to have a great time.

Brian Pastoria wrote: Bruce & the band owned Detroit on this special night in the MotorCity. It's obvious Bruce doesn't let anything or anyone dictate what songs he does. Opening with "Souls of the Departed" (an obvious tribute to Warren Zevon & Johnny Cash), and closing with "My Beautiful Reward" is certainly different than what anyone could have predicted, (especially with the pre-concert talk of how he opened with "Tunnel of Love the previous night). But it all worked magically. Bruce exemplified everything that is great about the human spirit in what to me was the most incredible live performance I have ever seen. His voice, the band and the incredible backdrop of the beautifully lit up Detroit skyline in back of the stage was magical. "Jungleland" and "Because the Night" (Bruce reminded all of us that he's also a great guitarist with a blistering solo) were unbelievable. At times the E streeters had Comerica Park feeling like a local high school gym. Martha Reaves singing Heatwave was a treat, and no Bob Seger, (he was backstage and rumored to join Bruce on "Local Hero") was a slight let down. Probably the most incredible moment came OFF stage. After this 3 hour + houseparty the band was individually escorted on golf carts from the stage to the dressing rooms to cheering fans in the outfield. One by one they drove by...but the biggest cheers erupted when we all saw Bruce and Patty WALKING hand in hand through the outfield to the dressing rooms, and waving to all the fans . After all the energy expended in this 3 hr + marathon, here was THE MAN, saying "forget the gulf cart I want to let these people know we appreciate them". Thanks for exercising the "Demons" @ Comerica Park with a Rock n' Roll Baptism!!!
Happy Birthday Bruce and thanks for everything...We appreciate you!! "B"

Mike Trzesniowski wrote: I gotta tell ya, bring the kids! I was in the first row again, in the pit, in front of CC. How about Bruce and kids?! The little tyke next to me got a harmonica, a wave, a wink, a solo, ...all that energy and he still plays to the smallest fans!

What other entertainer on earth connects at this level?

Say what you want about the "firsts", Jungleland was absolutely PERFECT. And Because the Night was a personal fave because I hadn't heard it live since the 78 tour.

I think he's really torn up by Iraq, what with the opener, the Al Franken comments, the Cheney comment. He wants a dialogue and something is bugging him.

Mary Gehlhoff wrote: It was fabulous. This was my 7th show. It gets better every time. It was a beautiful night in D Town and Bruce ran away with the night. The crowd never tired and Bruce played all night. The energy in Comerica Park was enough to light up the whole city. The best one yet.


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