1990-11-16, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA

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CJ wrote: This show had a unique but cold feeling to it. Someone yelled out to Bruce during a moment of quiet "I love you Bruce" and he responded "But, you don't even know me". He seemed to be caught in a period of his life that he was searching for some answers, hence the time away from the band. Highlight musically was the first time hearing 10th Avenue Freezeout with just Bruce at the piano and hearing a new song, "Real World" on the piano and immediately falling in love with it. I was excited to hear it on the album that came out later but was disappointed it was nothing like the version he played that night. He mentioned writing "My Hometown" while in LA - a big suprise to me (a Philly boy) because that song sounds like a such a Jersey / Philly industrial time.


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