2012-10-31, Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, NY

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Postponed from October 30 due to hurricane Sandy.

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Kathleen Smith wrote: This was a memorable show for our family for a variety of reasons--first Bruce concert for my youngest (of 6), who is 13; and my 17-year-old was the one patiently waiting for her opportunity to raise her sign that read,"34 years ago my mom danced onstage with you; can I?" to which Bruce graciously responded by pulling her up for "Dancing in the Dark." We have been overwhelmed by the kind people who sent us their photos of Kelly dancing with Bruce, since I was further back in the arena with no camera. If anyone has any photos that they are willing to share, please let us know! [kss8117@rit.edu] The show was a bit more subdued than usual for obvious reasons; but an amazing performance that everyone in our family enjoyed. "Jersey Devil" and "Jersey Girl" were phenomenal.


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