2005-04-30, Glendale Arena, Phoenix, AZ

Devils & Dust Tour
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Nils Lofgren joins Bruce on "This Hard Land" playing dobro.

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Scott wrote: this was my 4th time seeing bruce and the first time without the e street band. even though this show was at an arena, the upper levels were curtained off and the stage was pushed more forward than a normal concert stage to make the setting more intimate. i was seated in the 8th row center, so i got a great view. even though i was literally touching the stage at a phoenix show during a rising tour and even touched the boss 3 times during that night, i felt closer to the music and his presence this time.

bruce came out to a standing ovation and asked the crowd for some silence or he'd have to "get out my chainsaw." the 5,000 plus people in attendance at the show listened, and the audience was dead silent throughout the show during songs.

here were some of the highlights for me at the show: the 12-string version of "youngstown," "the Rising," "matamorous banks"...actually, all the songs were amazing.

the sound was crystal clear at the arena, which is unusual.

during a few songs, bruce counted '1,2,3" and then kicked into a harmonica jam. during "maria's bed," bruce even said 'c'mon boys,' to signal where the rest of the band comes in on the album. when he said these things, you remembered that, 'oh yeah, he's usually with the e street band.' he was so amazing by himself, that i forgot that he's usually with a full band, playing much more upbeat songs.

nils joined the band during the first encore song, 'this hard land.'

it was an amazing night.

kevin wrote: A happy Bruce greeted the crowd and set the ground rules. The audience behaved accordingly even better than the 1st show in Asbury. " Racing " was very moving as was For You. Bruce spoke of " channel 13 " (PBS) like he was in NJ !! Hey, you're in Phoenix ! WOSD doesn't work. You can't expect an audience that's been sitting on its hands for 2 hours to suddenly do a sing along. Besides Book of Dreams - Thinking About You was a very pleasant surprise !!! Can't wait for 5/19 !

Dave4858 wrote: This was the best crowd for any concert I've ever been to: quiet, respectful, and thoroughly into the show. Bruce was funny, friendly, instense and wonderful. The full sound he got by himself was incredible---the acoustics were great. Highlights: an awesome version of "Youngstown", "For You" on piano, "Racing in the Street" on piano, "Further on Up the Road", "Maria's Bed", "Long Time Coming", "Lonesome Day". Mis-steps: the opening "Reason to Believe" was incomprehensible and just did not work. "My Best Was Never Good Enough" and "Highway Patrolman"? There are much better songs on Nebraska that could have been substituted for these two or, heaven forbid, we should get "Incident" in Phoenix. But I'm not really complaining, the concert was awesome, I'm still thinking about it 9 days later. One final word about the final song, the re-working of "The Promised Land." This is a song that everyone knows and loves, yet not a single person (at least around me) was singing along, or even trying to sing along. Everyone was just mesmerized watching Bruce's soulful, powerful performance. What a way to end it.


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